A decrease in water pressure can be really frustrating. Especially when you have shampoo in your hair and 10 mins to get out of the house! Water Pressure issues can be caused by many different things. What are the causes?

shower-pressure-fossati-pumbing-carmel-nyOld homes were plumbed with galvanized pipes which over time corrode especially if there is hard water. The corrosion builds up much like plaque in arteries, eventually decreasing the space that the water can travel in. There are a few solutions to the problem. A no salt water conditioner will remove the buildup over a period of several weeks to several months. Fossati Plumbing and Heating can also give you an estimate to replace your galvanized pipes to Pex which wont have the same problems.

Don’t forget to check your water filter systems. Water treatment systems work by using a medium that catches the elements that would normally be floating in your water similar to the oil filter in your car. It collects the “dirt” and traps it so it doesn’t end up in your system. So of course the medium can get “full” and water cant run through it. Check your calendar and see when the last time your filter was changed, if it was recent it could be the medium. Easy fix!

Small bits of sand/rock can be carried with your water when you don’t have a filter system. Sink and shower fixtures have a small screen to catch it. Go to your faucet and look at where the water comes out, there will be a part that screws off. That is the screen. When you take it off you may see little bits of rock and sand. Clean it out and return it to the faucet.

Low water pressure can also be caused by a leak in a pipe. To determine if you hve a leak, you can shut off all the water taps both in and out of your home. Record the meter at this time and come back a couple of hours later to see if the meter has changed. If you water usage has increased at all from your first recording, there is a good chance you have a leak that needs to be repaired by a professional.

If you have tried all the above and have municipal water service, call your water department and tell them what is happening. Their pipes can leak too!