Slash Your Energy Bills: Exclusive Electric Water Heater Deals from Fossati


Ever thought of slashing your water heating costs dramatically while doing your bit for the planet? Well, we've got some electrifying news for you!

Fossati Plumbing & Water Treatment is bringing the heat with our electric water heaters that are not just kind to your wallet but also to Mother Earth.But wait, there's more! Our cutting-edge UV light technology zaps away all those nasty germs without harsh chemicals, giving you peace of mind with every drop.

And because we love our customers as much as we love the planet, we're throwing in a $200 discount on BOTH your American water heater installation and UV light system. This $400 deal is so hot it won't last long!

Ready to upgrade your home with cleaner, more energy-efficient hot water?

Give Fossati Plumbing & Water Treatment a call at 845-278-0300 or hop over to our website at Don't forget to mention this email to lock in your discount and start your journey to a greener, cleaner home.