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Boiler and Heating Services

Fossati Plumbing and Heating provides boiler and heating repair or replacement to homeowners in Carmel NY. A hot water boiler is an appliance used to heat water for a hydronic heating system. The hot water is distributed through the home in pipes and radiate heat into...

Water Pressure Issues

A decrease in water pressure can be really frustrating. Especially when you have shampoo in your hair and 10 mins to get out of the house! Water Pressure issues can be caused by many different things. What are the causes? Old homes were plumbed with galvanized pipes...

Dealing with Clogs

These are probably the most items we are called about and are the easiest to fix. A clogged toilet or clogged drain can be an unpleasant plumbing problem. If your toilet appears to be clogged consider these this: Turn on your bathroom sink or shower, if they drain...

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