These are probably the most items we are called about and are the easiest to fix. A clogged toilet or clogged drain can be an unpleasant plumbing problem.

Fossati Plumbing can fix your blocked drainIf your toilet appears to be clogged consider these this:

  • Turn on your bathroom sink or shower, if they drain fine you probably have a clog in your toilet trap.
  • If your sink or shower doesn’t drain well, it could be an obstruction in your main sewer line or build up. In this case you should call Fossati Plumbing. We have electric snakes and tools to unclog the system without damaging your pipes.
  • A clogged toilet could be due to other types of paper products that were not designed to disintegrate. Paper towels, baby wipes are big culprits.
  • Do you have small children? Little ones have a tendency to be curious and will put toys, socks or even a plant into the toilet to see if “it disappears”.
  • Plunging can give you temporary relief from a clogged toilet.
  • Be patient. Sometimes leaving the “clog” (organic waste) for about 20 mins will allow the water to begin to break apart the matter and you will be able to flush the toilet without incident.

Sink Clogs-Detergent residue, food particles, water bottle tops can contribute to a clogged sink. Luckily this problem usually builds slowly, so if you start to see a clog try to take care of it right away.

  • Grab a flash light and point it down the drain. You may see something obvious that you can gently pull out.
  • Try a plunger. Fill the sink with a couple of inches of water and give it a try.
  • If this doesn’t work, check the trap. It’s the lowest part of the pipe under your sink. (The bottom of the U). Some of them have a cleanout there. Open the clean out and with a pair of needle nose pliers try to pull the obstruction out. Don’t forget to put a bucket underneath before you open the trap or you will have a heck of a mess!!

BEWARE! If you had poured a commercial chemical drain cleaner in the sink in an attempt to move the obstruction, WEAR EYE PROTECTION when you open the trap! The chemical cleaner is coming out too!!

If you still have a problem, call Fossati Plumbing and Heating at (845) 228-5000. We will help you get it fixed.

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